25.02.2014 - NEWS 2014: Vacuum jug
The new elegant vaccum jug is matching the Wesco Tableware line. The vacuum insulated construction with a double-walled stainless steel inner flask helps to keep drinks hot or cold for up to 12 hours and is extremely robust. With easy to handle stopper that is activated by a press-button. Volume: 1,25 ltr.
Available summer 2014.  

25.02.2014 - NEWS 2014: Spacy Basket
The next generation's fruit basket! The two-piece basket which is composed by a metal bowl and a decorative coloured holder, can be used for fruit, vegetable or even bread on the breakfast table.
Available end of May 2014  

25.02.2014 - NEWS 2014: Spacy Peppy
The storage canister directly from outer space! Can be used for sweets or cookies, but also as a jewellery box etc.
Available end of May 2014  

25.02.2014 - NEWS 2014: Spacy Tray
Spacy serving tray with large handles. Cups and glasses find secure hold on the rubber surface. The raised rim of the tray also ensures safe transport. A useful everyday assistant in the kitchen.
Available end of May 2014  

25.02.2014 - NEWS 2014: Spice Grinder
The medium-sized spice grinder can be used for salt, pepper, dried herbs, spice blends etc. With its height of just 10 cm it is very easy to handle. It is equipped with a high quality CrushGrind mill which is made of hightech ceramic that is extremely durable.
Available May 2014  

25.02.2014 - NEWS 2014: Spice Storage Canisters Set
Spice storage canisters matching the small version of the Wesco-spice grinder. The top of the small Wesco-spice grinder fits perfectly on the spice storage canisters and turns them into a grinder. Set of 2 canisters.
Available May 2014.  

25.02.2014 - NEWS 2014: Asia Knife Style knife block
It is a must have for all fans of Asian cuisine. Made of 5 colour coated oval steel pipes, the block rests on a stainless steel base and includes a knife set consisting of a tomato knife, paring knife, cleaver, Santoku knife and kitchen scissors with opener.
On stock!   

25.02.2014 - NEWS 2014: Superboy
Single Boy's big brother with 20 litres volume. The lid is opened by a robust pedal mechanism and closes nearly noiselessly thanks to a built-in damper.Thanks to its square shape the Superboy can be placed alongside a wall or in a corner. Making the most of the existing space, it is the ideal waste bin for smallre-sized kitchens.
Available summer 2014  

25.02.2014 - NEWS 2014: Water jug
Decorative water jug for the laid table. The inner jug is closed with an airtight screw cap. The outer case can be taken off for cleaning the bottle. Volume: 1 ltr.
Available May 2014.  

25.02.2014 - NEWS 2014: Waterkettle TERRADUR
Classic Wesco-designed whistling kettle with the new Terradur coating from Wesco. The Terradur coating is a protective layer as strong as glass that is easy to clean, heat- and acid-resistant.
Volume: 2 ltr.
Available summer 2014.