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The Gaucho Way


Barbecue and cook like the gauchos


An asado (Spanish for “barbecue”) is as Argentine as soccer, tango and steak. Family, friends, or neighbours are invited to share in this traditional barbecue meal which is celebrated each Sunday. The preparation is a culinary event in and of itself, taking many hours. An asado brings people together, both in preparing the meat and sharing the meal.

The tradition originated from the gauchos, South American cowboys who prepared the meat of the cattle they herded on long spits over the glowing embers of their campfires. No direct flame touches the meat, and only the heat generated by the fire is used for the cooking. In other words, everything happens in its own good time, and that includes the cooking.

The asado is a fixture of Argentine life. The person calling the shots, the asadero, must know exactly when the embers are perfect. The meat is just lightly salted but otherwise left plain and never marinated! The only side dishes are a potato from the embers or perhaps some salad. The meat is the star of the show. Just like in a traditional gaucho asado. While the food cooks slowly under the expert eye of the asadero, the guests mingle. An asado is a social event, garnished with ribs, chorizo, steaks and a good wine or a cool beer.

The new Asador from Wesco brings this South American gaucho feeling to Europe. The special “Dagger Set” – consisting of barbecue skewers, a bracket and a smoker box for a real smoky flavour – ensure the food tastes like it came from a campfire on Argentina’s Pampas. The barbecue skewers can be used to cook the meat in a traditional South American manner: the gaucho way!


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