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WESCO Novelties 2018

We are pleased to introduce our new products. Discover the Single Elly retro-style bread box for smaller households, the Mini Master beauty bucket with built-in damper, the robust Lift Master rubbish bin and the Mini Elly storage box, ideal for biscuits, jewelery, cosmetics and other small items.

WESCO Rubbish Bin Liftmaster

WESCO Liftmaster
WESCO Mülleimer Liftmaste

Facelift for the Liftmaster: The powder-coated lid is operated by a stable pedal mechanism and closes almost noiselessly thanks to a built in damper. The sturdy hinge is installed internally, thus the outer silhouette appears in a new clean look. The sturdy pedal mechanism ensures easy operation of the bin.

WESCO Storage Box Mini Elly

WESCO Brotkasten Single Elly

The ideal storage box for your kitchen, office, bathroom or children‘s room. Ideal for bread or biscuits, jewellery, cosmetics or writing utensils. The ventilation holes at the back allow optimal air circulation. The sturdy metal hinges guarantee perfect stability.

WESCO Bread Bin Single Elly

WESCO Brotkasten Single Elly

A real retro gem for smaller households. Keeps fresh your bread, biscuits, cake or whatever you want. Single Elly is perfect for smaller households. Bread, rolls, cake or pastries can be hygienically stored while saving you valueable space. The ventilation holes at the back allow optimal air circulation. The sturdy metal hinges guarantee perfect stability.

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